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Whirlpool CF340T

Whirlpool ​Free Standing Chest Freezer CF340T

1,365.00 AED



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  • Frozen Food is Preserved

    at Optimal Conditions
    WHIRLPOOL Chest Freezers combine energy efficient performance and intelligent space management solutions for Perfect Preservation

    Energy Efficient

    Up to 30% saving* on energy consumption means benefit for your wallet (economy) 35
    and less enviromentental impact (ecology).
    Tropical Climate Class

    Tropical tested product

    Compressor and cooling circuits especially made to perform as best even in tropical climate (43°)
    Skin Condenser

    Whirlpool Chest FZ offers better efficiency because his skin condenser is spread on all the front surface (front and side wall instead of front only like most of the competitors Moreover Flat back surfac avoids dust trap.
    Total No Frost

    Chilled air is circulated around the storage areas, reducing humidity, preventing the formation of ice and eliminating the need for defrosting
    This technology also stops frozen items sticking together, labelling stays legible
    and there’s no condensation on your food or on fridge walls.

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