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Braun Cruzer 6 Beard

Braun Cruzer 6 Beard & Head 3-in-1 Trim, Style & Clip, Rechargeable, Washable

299.00 AED



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  • Maximum Precision
    • The Braun cruZer 6 beard&head gives you exact length and precise contours – the two fundamentals of any appealing look. Two detachable combs provide the exact length settings you need, with a combined range of 1 – 20 mm. Both combs come with a click&lock functionality to change your precise length at the touch of a finger.
    • Whether you want to create designer stubble or trim a full beard, the beard trimming comb allows you to choose from six different length settings (1-11 mm).
    • The hair comb attachment also offers six longer settings (10-20 mm) which allow you to create a range of hairstyles all with one versatile attachment.
    Two Integrated Trimmers for Versatility.
    • In addition to the main trimmer, the Braun cruZer 6 beard&head also incorporates a smaller precision trimmer for convenient beard styling in harder-to-reach areas like under your chin. Sliding out from the main body of the cruZer 6 beard&head, the precision trimmer makes it easy for you to achieve exact shapes and contours. It’s ideal for adding those finishing touches to your style and it even works with the comb on.
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