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Braun BG 5010

Braun Body Groomer Armpits and Genital Areas BG 5010

199.00 AED



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  • Trim and Shave all Areas
    • The Braun Body Groomer is the perfect tool to maintain all areas of your body; from the chest and abs, to your armpits and groin. 100% waterproof, it allows you to manscape in the shower to complement your existing routine. As a 2-in-1 device you can trim and clean-shave your body hair in one movement, making your grooming routine fast and hassle-free.
    Powered Trim
    • The Braun Body Groomer comes with a fine trimming element that features smaller teeth than regular beard trimmers. This works to minimise any nicks and cuts for worry-free trimming on delicate areas like the armpit or groin. The three trimming combs allow you to choose the exact length of your body hair (0.6mm, 3mm, 8mm).
    Wet Shave
    • Equipped with Gillette’s advanced shaving technology, the Braun Body Groomer gives you a close and smooth shave. The 5 special blades are spaced close together to reduce pressure and offer maximum shaving comfort with minimal skin irritation. Wet shaving allows you to shave larger areas swiftly and in only one stroke for convenience.
    100% Waterproof Wet & Dry
    • Safe to use in the shower for added comfort and convenience. Easily cleaned under running water.
    Charging LED
    • An LED light indicates charging status.
    Charging Stand
    • Ensures the Body Groomer is always charged and ready.
    Dual Battery
    • Two rechargeable Ni-MH batteries are fully charged in 14 hours for up to 50 minutes of cordless performance.
    1 year brand warranty
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